Early Bodoni Drawings


I managed to find a blog by Design Traveler which documented a trip to the Bodoni museum in Parma, Italy. I had been searching for old imagery of drawings and sketches of the Bodoni font and this blog enabled me to find them. Given more time before the end of term, I am contemplating flying out to Parma for the day to go to the Bodoni museum seeming as flights were £38 – bargain! Nevertheless, this amazing imagery of early sketches by Giambattista Bodoni means I can understand the grids and rules he based his letterforms on and try and incorporate a similar template into my A2 poster layout.


DESIGNTRAVELER (2010) Bodoni Museum, Parma, Italy [online] [images]

Available at: https://designtraveler.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/bodonimuseum/

[Accessed: 10/12/2014]

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