Type Specimen Sheets


The Unit Handbook:

“Traditionally, the purpose of a type specimen sheet was to provide the designer with the visual examples of how specific fonts performed in a variety of point sizes, weights and leading measurements. It also displayed how the Upper and Lower Case settings, numeration and punctuation styles looked. Other information that was sometimes included was the type designers name, font classification, date of font release and the foundry that was responsible for releasing it.

Contemporary versions of type specimen sheets have extended to conveying the mood and the aesthetic sense of the font. Therefore addressing the emotive, pictorial, poetic and/or pragmatic nuances. Type Specimen Sheets remain a crucial way of explaining and promoting typefaces to designers who may want to buy and use them.”

Being given the font Bodoni to work with, I will start to conduct primary and secondary research into the past and present examples of Type Specimen Sheets. I would like to focus a part of my research of Type Specimen Sheets from the era which Bodoni was released; finding examples of type specimen sheets using fonts in the same style and from the same era will help inspire me to create a new poster which is era specific but distinguishes itself from it’s competition of the 18th Century.


FF MARK (2014) Types of Their Time [online] [image]

Available at: http://www.ffmark.com/

[Accessed: 09/12/2014]


PRINTED MASTERCLASS (2012) Type Specimen Sheets [online] [image]

Available at: http://printedmatterclass.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/type-specimen-sheets-homework-assignment/

[Accessed: 09/12/2014]


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